Due Diligence

With over 14 years of experience in the commercial real estate market, and the successful completion of numerous acquisition and disposition transactions, we are able to advise or assist our clients with the due diligence necessary.

In the consistently changing commercial market, values are always being influenced either positively or adversely.  A certain degree of research and analysis should be done in preparation for a business transaction, this is called Due Diligence.  It is the care a reasonable person should take before entering into an agreement or a transaction with another party, and may include a comprehensive appraisal of a business or property, to establish its assets and liabilities and evaluate its commercial potential.

When we conduct transactions with you, you will never get a trivial or indifferent response.  You will receive a meaningful, thoughtful, and well supported opinion of significance that is based upon facts, recent transactions, and our knowledge of the market.


During acquisitions, we handle everything for our clients.  We assemble options for our clients to consider.  We pre-qualify each site, and do not waste our client’s time running around looking at buildings and/or property that does not make sense.

Our process minimizes the amount of time our clients spend on visiting and looking at real estate, and allows them to focus more on their business or day to day activities.  When a property is decided on, we assist in negotiating the letter of intent and contract, and we provide as much due diligence as our clients’ request.

We can facilitate introductions with:

  • Surveying, Environmental Assessment, Engineering and Architectural Firms;
  • Appraisers, Traditional and Non Traditional Lenders; and
  • General and Sub Contractors.


During disposition services, we evaluate the client’s real estate portfolio to identify and recommend the best selection of properties to dispose of, as well as the method of disposition, be it sale, lease, or sale-leaseback.


  • Upon selection of the disposition properties, we use the most appropriate methods and tools to effectively sell or sublease the properties.
  • We will work with landlords to negotiate lease contract termination or tenant replacements, resulting in the best possible outcome for the client.

We track each project’s progress in order to keep our clients updated, so that they know when critical dates are coming due and money is at risk.  We recommend attorneys and act as a buffer between the buyer and the seller.

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