We work diligently with buyers in search of properties throughout Florida and the U.S.

We are well versed in representing buyers in purchasing land or buildings for Commercial, Development, Investment and Residential uses.  We have completed millions of dollars worth of buyer representation assignments, and the clients that hire us to assist them place their trust in us, which is why we regard buyer representation as a privilege.

  • As a buyer’s representative, we take full responsibility in surveying the market to find the client the property that best suits their needs within the financial boundaries and timeline required.
  • We utilize our local and regional relationships, which sometimes translate into first-hand knowledge of properties available, prior to their being advertised on the market.
  • As the buyer’s advocate, we act in the best interest of the client in negotiating contracts to purchase a property, resulting in maximum return on the client’s investment.
  • When a property is selected and both parties agree to a contract, we ensure that the acquisition due diligence process is executed in the timeframe necessary to close on time.
  • We examine due diligence items, such as leases and tenant quality to help the client make educated decisions throughout the process.
  • We will identify sources to ensure that our client has access to the best possible financing terms.
  • We will also identify property improvements that will translate into maximized value in the future.
  • Our post-closing follow-up means that we will continue to provide advisory services long after the purchase.

As our mission statement says, we put the client first.  We treat our client’s money as if it belonged to family, and we make recommendations that are in the client’s best interest, not our own pockets.

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