Small companies to large publicly traded companies, we are available to represent tenants looking for lease space.

In order to minimize the amount of time our clients spend out in the field, we will:

  • Take responsibility in surveying the market to find the space options that best fit our client’s needs, in the timeline required.
  • Preview these properties to confirm their availability before we submit them to our clients for review.
  • We give our clients the ability to dictate to us which properties they want to further investigate, and then we coordinate meetings to see those specific properties.
  • Once the desired properties are located, we will provide a complete analysis of the business terms proposed for each property.
  • As the tenant’s advocate, we act in the best interest of the client in negotiation of lease terms, advising our clients on which terms are fair and which are not, resulting in maximum space productivity and the best economic value.
  • We leverage our relationships, which translates into first-hand knowledge of the best space available and real time market conditions.

If a client has space requirements outside of Central Florida, we will use all of our available resources to partner with a qualified Broker in that market.

Other Representations:

Owner/Seller Representation  /  Buyer/Investor Representation  /  Landlord Representation

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