Site Selection isn’t as Simple as it Sounds!

A lot goes into choosing a good site, and we have substantial experience in selecting sites for clients seeking to buy or lease property, in the Florida Market, and the experience to help you choose the proper site for your project.

Choosing the Proper Site

First we evaluate the client’s needs and realistic market conditions, this will provide us with a clear outline of site selection criteria.  Then we will find out if there are any obstacles to developing a particular site for your project, before moving forward.

Our site selection services include:

  • Evaluation of existing site selection criteria, resulting in counseling on what the client can expect to achieve with such requirements in this market.
  • Throughout the site search process, we will continually evaluate the criteria and make recommendations to the client if changes are required.
  • We utilize an organized process to manage the due diligence process, and act as the intermediary between the seller and buyer – through to a timely closing.
  • We can organize a team of consultants to include: Architects, Engineers and Contractors to assist in the property analysis and decision making.
  • Investigation of all aspects of the site, including road access curb cuts.
  • Water and sewer capacity.
  • Concurrency issues, and
  • Environmental studies.

Choosing Sites with Existing Structures

One of the most important things to consider about building classifications is that buildings should be viewed in context and relative to other buildings within the sub-market; a Class A building in one market may be a Class B building in another.

There is no International Standard for Classifying Buildings

If there was a more scientific method for classifying buildings though, some of the building characteristics which could be used to compare and rank buildings would be as follows:

  • HVAC Capacity
  • Elevator quantity and speed
  • Backup Power
  • Security and life safety infrastructure
  • Ceiling heights
  • Floor load capacity
  • Location
  • Access (freeway, public transportation)
  • Parking
  • Construction, Common Area Improvements
  • Nearby and/or on-site amenities (dry cleaning, restaurants, ATM, etc.)

Other Services